Friday, February 15, 2013

Daniela Mercury sings "Axé, Axé", music composed by Caetano Veloso

I've been a fan of Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury since my friend Michael introduced me to her music in 1999. You can't help moving to her music. Big like! Who want's to go to Brazil?

Daniela Mercury, is a Brazilian axé, samba-reggae and Música Popular Brasileira singer, songwriter and record producer. She has become one of the best known Brazilian female singers, selling over 20 million albums worldwide. Learn more about Daniela Mercury.

Music and Wine Pairing: Daniela Mercury deserves to be paired with a South American wine. My recommended pairing is the Aruma Malbec from Bodegas Caro, Mendoza Argentina. While you're enjoying the music and wine, toss a steak on the grill too.

Sol Da Liberdade is the first Daniela Mercury album I purchased. I still love to listen to it, volume cranked of course. Recommended. Enjoy!

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