Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Dum Dum Girls - DOUBLE SHOT!

I could not resist posting another video of the Dum Dum Girls; along with a wine pairing. See the previous post for the first video. This song will stick in your head.

Music and Wine Pairing: Black Smith Syrah by Forgeron Cellars. It was easy matching wine to this video. "It had a captivating deep color which enticed and beckoned. Swirling the wine around, I wanted to fall into my wine glass as layers of aroma enveloped me. My nose was deep in the shifting aromas of candied dark fruit, smoke, leather, taffy, and cola, wrapped in the perfume of violets. This wine seduced me. A medium bodied wine, it was almost crisp and left a gentle tingle on my tongue and teeth. It was smooth with moderate tannin, and a satisfying finish of cola, leather and dark fruit. This wine is very focused and balanced with a heady nose. Big like." Enjoy!

Dum Dum Girls is led by singer and songwriter Dee Dee Penny. She is currently based in New York City with the rest of the band in Los Angeles. Website:

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