Friday, February 22, 2013

Juanitos Sai K Delic Party

It's Friday so I thought some party music needed to be posted. 

Juanitos music is kind of retro 60's Funk. I discovered their music several years ago when I was browsing the French music site, Once you create a jamendo account, you can download as many albums or songs as you want. For free. Music is shared by the artist under the Creative Commons license*.


Paul Cheneau, Lady of Spain Brut.
Music and Wine Pairing: While the band is French, the music is often in Spanish. So I figured  that Spanish CAVA would be a great pairing. Party music + party wine makes Paul Cheneau Lady of Spain Brut - Cava the perfect choice for Juanitos music. "This sparkler was lemony on the nose and palate, pale yellow color with a touch of green, crisp, soft bubbles, honey on the finish, bright on the back sides of my tongue..."

About Juanitos: (Did I mention that they are a French group?)
Coté 2009 : Juanitos ou Limbo deluxe ne forment qu’un seul et même groupe sont formés par :

  • Juan Naveira, au chant, orgue & spanish guitar
  • Pierre Alberca, B-guitare electrique & B-Vox
  • David Rey, basse
  • Manu BVX, A-guitare
  • Dee D’Yeah, batterie
  • Reno on the Saxophone…

You don't have to know French to download albums by Juanitos for free from jamendo. They have an English language site too.


* Creative Commons are licenses that enable musicians to give away their music for free while protecting their rights. They are easy to use and compatible with internet standards, and allow rights holders to authorize (or not) certain uses of their music, such as commercial uses and derived works. 

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