Thursday, February 14, 2013

Langhorne Slim - I Love You but Goodbye (Live)

My dear friend Anne, introduced me to the music of Langhorne Slim. Now I'm sharing his music with you. I enjoy his style of performing, the obvious passion he displays and especially the lyrics. Would really like to see him perform live, Anne says he's amazing (she has a little crush too).

"For Langhorne Slim—Pennsylvania-born self-taught guitarist who moves to Brooklyn at 18, begins feeling out his place in a burgeoning punk-folk scene, wends his way to the West Coast, and finds himself celebrated from Newport to Portland as one of today’s most original singers and songwriters—The Way We Move represents the sound of a band devoted to living in the moment. Riding the success of his 2009 full-length Be Set Free, Langhorne went through some changes over the last three years—he lost his beloved grandfather, who is the subject of the new record’s moving “Song for Sid,” and moved on from a relationship that had lasted five years."
Learn more about Langhorne Slim on his website.

Music and Wine Pairing: This music deserves to be paired with a cool wine, so I suggest listening to Langhorne Slim with a bottle of Ghost in the Machine, from the Columbia Valley. The wine is ready to drink now, it has a cool label, and is made by two rock star winemakers.

"I Love You but Goodbye" is on the album - Be Set Free. All the tracks are fantastic. Enjoy!

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