Thursday, March 14, 2013

Status Update re: Big John Bates Interview

My mantra this year is, "Just ask."

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've been busy traveling and writing. Especially, writing about my week long visit to the Vancouver International Wine Festival in Canada.

photo: Brandy and John Bates.

While I was in Vancouver, I interviewed Big John Bates and his wife Brandy Bones Bates of the band, Big John Bates. If I had not asked for the interview, the interview would not have happened. Just saying. Our visit was absorbing and informative. They also exposed me to a lot of new music. Yes, I have a shopping list.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

“Question: Where's your strongest fan base?

John and Brandy: Germany!

John: Germany, western Canada, Mid-western United States. They are the three that keep us going. Playing music. They are good people. They are not looking for the next big flavor. Enough fans who are more focused on independent stuff. The heartland of America things are more real. I get that impression. From Montana, Fargo, all the way to Wisconsin, to Michigan. We usually play as far down as Pennsylvania. We're always looking for bands to tour with.”

Here's the link to the complete interview: Day Two: Big John Bates and Brandy Bones Bates Interview

When I am able, I will begin sharing more music and wine pairings.

Feel free to comment and share your music and wine pairing suggestions.

- Cheers, William.

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